• Manufacturing T-Straws

    Manufacturing T-Straws
    Manufacturing T-StrawsManufacturing T-Straws

    Available in various sizes, lengths, diameters and colours.

    The T-Straw (Telescopic Straw) is an extendable straw, with a compact size when wrapped in film, and transforms to a long straw when extended, allowing a long straw to be incorporated onto a small pack size. Telescopic straws can be applied to a large variety of formulations, pack sizes and shapes. Due to its practical novelty, one telescopic straw size can be used on a variety of pack/cup/container sizes, thus reducing your packaging material stock holding. These straws can also be applied to cans with double sided adhesive. T-Straws are a straight straw that extend out once removed from packaging.

    These products are designed to be applied to drink containers. They come in a continuous plastic belt-form packaging, especially made for the manufacturing industry, totally usable on high speed machines. Clear plastic packaging allows for branding to be printed on. These can also be made with an easy tear off tab for removal off the product item.

    These are also available in various diameters and lengths, and colours can be made to order. Please enquire for minimum order quantities.

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