As an environmentally responsible and focussed company Profile International 2013 Ltd has been researching and subsequently investing in alternatives to the traditional drinking straw. It is fair to say, that until recently the appetite for the often more expensive, but ‘more’ environmentally friendly alternatives to the traditional offer, has been at best subdued. However, as we have seen with the focus on plastic carrier bags, this issue is not going away, and more enlightened consumers are starting to demand alternatives.

As a result, and to aid education we have compiled a lay person’s guide to what those alternatives are. Additionally, it must be borne in mind that technology in this area continues to evolve, and Profile International will continue in its research and development in order to stay at the forefront of these developments.

We basically have 3 options as an alternative to the regular drink straw;


To understand these options, and find a brief summary of these products. This brief synopsis is exactly that, where we have attempted to give a lay person’s guide. Considerably more information exists, and Profile International suggests that anybody wishing to make any claims whatsoever in regard to these products undertakes their own investigations prior to doing so.

1. Oxo–Degradable:

This product is made from a plastic resin (as with a traditional straw) and has an additive added that allows the product to become;

Compostable (Commercially)

This product addresses the issue of the careless disposal as it degrades in sunlight and water. Basically this starts degrading in oxygen so the degrading process really starts when product is taken out of the bag. It can be recycled (currently not in NZ), and it can also be composted in a commercial application. This product can be manufactured with existing machinery, we are able to manufacture this product locally in our facility in New Zealand.

2. Paper:

Can be made from recycled paper.


Paper straws are of course wood based, paper is a good product source, as it can be renewable and sustainable. These straws do tend to have a large amount of glue or wax coating as well as being impregnated with the drink going through them, which can cause problems to environmental disposal.

3. PLA:(No current Stock)

PLA is the most common product and is made from a plant base, this product is;

Compostable (Commercially)

The feature of this product is that it is made from a plant extract, which makes it a renewable sustainable and a compostable product. It also needs to be composted by commercial application. This product comes with a correspondingly higher price point.

Please feel free to contact us for further discussions on these options, or on pricing of these options, we are happy to provide the data we have at our disposal.